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Assistant Electrician will be assisting the electrician or superior in electrical work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of temporary LV electrical connections at the construction sites and permanent connections at residential and commercial buildings. The individual will be engaged in laying conduits for LV single phase wiring with appropriate selection and use of hand and power tools efficiently. If you have an Electrical certification, then that will definitely give a boost to your career.
The Electrical Works involves laying of cables/wires from power source to desired equipments, installation and maintenance of common electrical equipments and machineries at construction sites. It also includes installation and maintenance of LV wiring and electrical fixtures at industrial, residential and commercial buildings. All the activities under scope are carried out as per organizational HSE norms conforming to relevant electrical standard operating procedures, guidelines or specifications as per applicability.
Eligibility: Minimum 10th Class - Assistant Electrician Recommended training period of 12 to 16 weeks.
Features: Live Practicals- 30 Days Training's + 15 Days On Job Training
1. Introduction to Electrical Trade
• General discipline
• General safety rules
• Job role

2. Safety Practice
• Lifting and handling loads
• Fire Safety
• General safety of tools and equipment’s
• Electrical Safety
• Rescue a person who is in contact with live wire
• Treat a person for electric shock or injury
• Lockout & Tag out

3. Introduction to Electricity
• Electron theory
• Fundamentals
• Electricity
• Importance of electricity
• Electrical Terminology
• Conductors and types of conductors
• Insulators and types of insulators
• Introduction of electrical Equipment& devices

4. Identification & use of basic tools and equipments
• Identification of working tools
• Identification and uses of marking tools, testing tools
• Identification and uses of electrical equipment
• Commonly used Masonry hand tools

5. Electrical Equipments
• Electrical Symbols
• Brief Electrical department electrical installations regulations
• General Practice of conduits installations
• Selection of Adequate conduit size
• General building regulations
• Lighting & Power
• Direct current and testing the polarity
• Alternating current and identifying phase, neutral and earth terminals
• Electrical panels
• DG set & its applications
• Understand the lighting & power layout
• Earthing
• Relays

6. Simple Wiring circuits
• Simple series and parallel circuits
• Study and Understanding house wiring Diagrams
• Light points looping spans and switch control wiring
• Convenience sockets looping spans and control wiring
• Mains & sub mains cables laying, DB installation
• Study and Understanding of small circuit diagrams

7. Standards & Operations
• Operating procedures
• Standards set by manufacturer
• Basic check's & repair on power tools
Becoming an assistant electrician may take many years. But once you become a professional you can settle in the life. All you require is the basic knowledge in that specific area which is naturally obtained through training in any of the excellent institute. As an assistant electrician, you should perform skilled electrical and electronic installations, maintenance and all kinds of repair works on a variety of electrical installations, and equipment. There is a lot of scope we see in this career if you have the enough skill.

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