MEP Alumni is unique in many ways. For example, in majority of the training institutes/colleges the day you get your certificates will be your last day of association with them, May be a few institutes will be in contact with alumnus, and send emails regarding interviews. That's the maximum they can do. But, MEP Alumni is different; we will be in alliance with the students, send them mails regarding the job opportunities, schedule them the interviews and make every effort, till they get a job. We provide placement of our students for life time no cost. Even after getting the job in top MNC's, we stay in contact with the alumnus and create a close bonding between them and the candidates who are being trained at present. Literally speaking, we will maintain a community where you all can stay in touch with each other and get mutual benefits. So, speaking with the working professionals will help the newly trained aspirants to know about the market and its current standards; making it easy for them to get a job in the near future.

MEP Alumni also aims at:

  1. We aim to increase the number of alumnus who participate in the MEP alumni for lifelong community engagement.
  2. We help you by building an educational culture that assists in continuous learning process.
  3. We also organize seminars, lectures, workshops and many such programs which would contribute for the constant development of knowledge to the students in various subjects.
  4. We aim at strengthening the alumni association with us for life-time.
  5. Our faculty members will also be in contact with all the alumnus.
  6. Finally, MEP Alumni creates a professional network where you can collaboratively work together and accomplish your individual career goals.
  7. Senior working will show openings in their company.
  8. After getting experience when we start you own organization, you can collaborate with MEP Alumni.