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AC Technician Course
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AC Technician Course is a very important domain of building HVAC service which is having huge demand throughout the world. The following to be applied in a manner consistent with its purpose: Basic concepts of HVAC system, Knowledge about AC components and their working functions, Understanding of refrigeration cycle, Basic knowledge in electrical field.
Based upon the precaution checklist one should be capable of installing and also supervising the ease of handling and maintaining of tools, Preparation of installation checklist and service reports, Preventive maintenance, Diagnosis of troubleshooting and Behavior skills.
Meanwhile one has to have the basic knowledge of unitary air conditioning unit’s installation, and also the estimation of works and time management.
AC Field Technician is also called as AC repair technician. Career will be great if you choose this course because there is an increasing demand for AC technicians nowadays. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey says that the need for AC technicians is expected to rise 21% by 2022.
Basic Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
 1. Basics and Fundamentals of Air conditioning Systems
 2. Working Cycle for Air Conditioning Systems
 3. Familiarization of Safety Procedures
 4. Identification of Tools & Equipment’s
 5. Care and Maintenance
 6. Classification of different types of :
  a. Compressor ( Hermetic, Semi Hermetic, Open Type )
  b. Condenser ( air cooled/ Water cooled)
  c. Evaporator
  d. Expansion device
  e. Thermometer
  f. Gauges( Compound & Pressure)
 7. Use of measuring instruments such as
  a. Volt meter
  b. Ammeter
  c. Ohmmeter
  d. Multi meter
  e. Series and Parallel Connection
  f. Anemometer
 8. Service & installation of Air Conditioner

Repair & Maintenance of Air Conditioners & Employability Skills Improving
 1. Familiarization of Safety Procedures
 2. Identification of tools & equipment’s
 3. Cutting, Flaring, Swaging, Brazing
  a. Prepare joints before brazing
  b. Flare & Swag copper pipes
  c. Brazing
 4. Practice measuring, Voltage, Current, Resistance
  a. Measure current, Potential difference, Resistance
  b. Check series of the compressor with the help of test lamp and Multi meter
 5. Test electrical components used in Air Conditioner
  a. Fundamentals of electricity
  b. Relay testing, Thermostat, timer, starting capacitor,
  running capacitor, over load protector, Fan capacitor,
  Fan / blower motor
  c. Checking up of Compressor winding
 6. All the A/c. unit wiring
  a. PSC, CSC, Split Ac With remote
 7. Service of Window type air conditioner
  a. Fan/ Blower motor service
  b. Dismantling & assembling the unit
  c. Replacing of components
  d. Gas charging system
  e. Performance Testing
 8. Service of split type air conditioner
  a. Fan/ Blower motor service
  b. Appliance Assessing
  c. Unit Dismantling & assembling
  d. Replacing of components
  e. Gas charging system
  f. Performance Testing
 9. Trouble Shooting & performance of Air conditioner
 10. Units
  a. Fault finding in Window Ac/Split AC
  b. Fault finding in Remote window Ac
  c. Fault finding in Remote split Ac
  d. Air filter unit
 11. Improving Employability Skills
  a. Resume Writing Skills
  b. Interview Skills En powering
  c. En Powering of Interpersonal Relationships
  d. Stress Management
  e. Positive Attitude Development
  f. Self-Motivation
  g. Sentence formation
  h. Presentation skills
There is a lot of scope in an AC technician career. By 2022, there will be 123,000 new job openings according to Bureau of Labour Statistics. So, we can see that the expected growth rate is higher than the average growth. We can see a lot of scope in an AC technician career. So, if you are interested, you can no doubt take this course.
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